Habitat for Humanity responds to pandemic on GMBH

Tue Mar 31 08:41:40 PDT 2020

Habitat for Humanity responds to pandemic on GMBH

"Coronvirus calls for a world where we care for each other" In recent days/weeks, we have seen a wave of closures, cancellations and postponement that have unfurled as covid-19 pandemic has emerged. These decisions have created some stunning acts of solidarity, expressions of concern and collective responsibility for our communities and neighbors. Email scott@blackhillshabitat.org to help and get involved.

Body found in Rapid Creek Tuesday afternoon

An unattended death investigation is now under way.

South Dakota schools get $68 million in pandemic relief

Elementary and secondary schools will receive the most funding, $41 million.

Cook-out staple may be more expensive

Popular ingredients for cook-out such as ground beef may be more expensive in grocery stores.

When it comes to bringing a new business in, what is being looked for?

Developers and managers talk about what they look for when they bring in new businesses.

The Y is opening back up their pool

Despite city pools closing, one local swimming area is opening up with safety changes.

Reptile Gardens to reopen

With new COVID-19 safety guidelines, the slithery kingdom is set to open once again.


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