Drug prices confuse patients

Here are some tips to cut your prescription costs.

Children's Therapy Services welcomes new member

The new program has seen a "pawsitive" change in patients -- helping them get through a "ruff" day.

Catching up with the Rapid City "Construction Kid"

He's a construction wunderkind -- with a knack for concrete, and a penchant for pavement.

South Dakota part of campaign: "Don't Move Firewood"

To fight back against invasive insects, it's important to keep firewood where you found it.

City of Sturgis stands firm, 2020 Rally starts in August

it's a Sturgis standoff between campgrounds and the city. Could this rift spell burnout for the 2020 motorcycle rally?

Low voter turnout in Rapid City prompts recruitment efforts

Dismayed at low voter turnout, Democrats and Republicans agree -- something needs to be done, to get people involved.

RCAS school board approves 2 percent raise

A string of retirements -- spurred by a cutoff for benefits -- leaves room for a small raise for educators.


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