HealthWatch: Flu and your child

Flu season has arrived in South Dakota. And to help keep your children safe, Dr. Cara Hamilton is giving you some tips on signs to look for and what to do if you suspect your child may be coming down with something

Sunday's Forecast - September 22nd

Depending on where you are in the Black Hills, some will be cool while others will be hot!

Parents' impact on values: Friday's Focus on Fatherhood

Parents have a bigger impact on their kid's value system than one might think.

Friday night 9 p.m. sportscast

High school football, cross country

Saturday's Forecast - Sept 22

We'll see a lot of sunshine... or exactly 12 hours of it. It's time for the autumnal equinox!

Abnormal return for a group of National Guardsmen

Abnormal return for a group of National Guardsmen

Lytle faces $12 million restitution burden in medical fraud case

A former Rapid City dentist convicted of using fraudulent medical claims to sell a laser device faces having to pay as much as $12 million in restitution, a judge ruled Friday.


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