Pro-skater brings his grind to Rapid City

Sat Oct 12 13:02:11 PDT 2019

Pro-skater brings his grind to Rapid City

And he's partnering up with a local organization.

Trimming the tree yourself, what you need to know

Here is what you need to know before hacking down your tree.

Serving up soup for a cause

Kids from Southwest Middle School spent Sunday feeding the hungry.

Old organization restarts to help firefighters

An old organization in Sturgis is back to help support the fire department.

Accident with snow plows are up

In the last few weeks there have been several car-plow accidents.

Jensen wants protections from CPS

A local lawmaker says parents should know their rights when dealing with Child Protective Services.

Next year marks 100 since the 19th Amendment

2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment.


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