Campaign on to take another shot at medical marijuana

Wed Aug 21 07:36:12 PDT 2019

Campaign on to take another shot at medical marijuana

Several attempts in the past failed, from not enough petitions to not enough voters in favor of medicinal marijuana.

Vinyl records has hopeful future

According to a report by the Recording Industry Association of America, vinyl records are expected to out-sell CD's in 2019.

Terry Peak waiting for snow to stay, preparing for upcoming season

Winter means snow in the Black Hills, but that's not bad news for all.

The School of Mines receives a collection of animal bones

A collection of animal bones ranging from bison and elk to mountain lions are now located on the School of Mines campus.

Home self-defense in Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws, South Dakota

What are the rights and responsibilities a homeowner has when another person enters their home?

Social media confuses breaking incident reports

An example is Sunday's panic at Rushmore Mall due to reports that a man had a gun.

Stand Your Ground Case in Sturgis

Man shot and killed when he entered a home and refused to leave.


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