Mon Aug 19 21:19:38 PDT 2019

Monday 9 p.m. sportscast

High school football polls; Jeremy Weidmann looks for big senior season

Black Hills Fox Business Report: Code Ninjas

A new learning center in Rapid City is featured in this week's Black Hills Fox Business Report.

Storybook Island prepares for Christmas lights

Storybook Island has their lights ready to go in preparation for their upcoming annual Christmas Lights event.

Expect to see more tiny homes in Rapid City

The City Council approved an ordinance Monday night governing tiny homes and other Accessory Dwelling Units in Rapid City.

RCAS votes to give their approval for polling locations staying at local schools

The Rapid City Area School Board voted Monday night to support the continuing use of area schools as polling places.

Concerns from local doctor about number of specialists

A local doctor expresses concerns about a lack of specialists in the Black Hills area.

New South Dakota meth campaign is scratching some heads

"Meth. We're on it" anti-meth campaign has a lot of people talking.


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