Basketball phenom shoots for retirement

Basketball phenom shoots for retirement

Megan Mahoney, one of South Dakota's most prominent hoops players, looks back on her incredible career.

New cell for Rapid City landfill

The Rapid City Landfill's $7-million expansion project is starting to pay off.

Muralist painting tree house art in church

You may have seen his work around Rapid City, but artist Aaron Pearcy is hoping to expand his art around town.

Rapid City Council Update

Rapid City Council denies a request to eliminate requirements for infrastructure improvements.

Firefighters ask people to stay out of Rapid Creek

The waters of Rapid Creek continue raging at levels far higher than normal...and officials are warning people to stay away.

Rapid City residents call for action near Green Valley Drive

It's a left turn that many nearby residents call dangerous, and according to South Dakota Highway Patrol, there have been five crashes near that area in the last 10 years.

Pet of the Week: Ariel

This water-loving dog has been at the shelter for two months and would love to be part of your world.


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