Tesla cars roll silently into Custer

Tesla cars roll silently into Custer

Tesla makes it's return to the Black Hills for the sound of silence rally.

Oglala Lakota College unveils new scholarships

OLC gets new scholarships to help students

Area ranchers are enjoying all the recent moisture

The near record moisture we saw in May caused all manor of big and small headaches around the territory.

Facebook rolls out new blood donating feature

Feature will let users know where to donate blood and what blood blank is in need of donations in their area.

Rapid City Fire Department conducts invaluable training

Spent the day with Fire Apparatus Operator Training and more.

Summer Camps at School of Mines

School of Mines is hosting a variety of technology related summer camps.

Pampers set to install 5,000 changing stations in men's bathrooms

Women's restrooms are often equipped with baby changing stations. Father's restrooms are usually not. But a diaper company is committed to help fix that problem.


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