Hospital Prep for Blizzard

Rapid City Regional Health was prepared for the worst with the March 2019 blizzard. They had more than 350 staffers sleep over at the hospital to make sure they weren't down a man.

Black Hills Fox Business Report

This week features a new tattoo parlor and the Rapid City Regional Airport gets recognized for good financial decisions.

College Board introduces "adversity score" to SAT test takers

A popular college entrance exam is introducing socioeconomic factors into the scoring process.

Ranchers deal with a muddy mess due to the cold, wet weather

A Sturgis area cattle rancher talks about the impact of the cold wet weather.

Rapid City increases water flow from Pactola Reservoir

Over the weekend the city increased the volume of water being released from the Pactola Reservoir impacting the flow of water in Rapid Creek.

Arena plans change to help come in on budget

Plans have changed for the new Civic Center Arena that would fit within the allotted budget.

Electronic issue caused an Outdoor Warning Public Siren to malfunction

An outdoor emergency siren malfunctioned. It turns out the cause was an electronic issue.


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