Winter Weather Brings Increased Rodent Activity and Damage to Homes

Critter Control warns homeowners about the danger of increased rodent activity and frayed wires
Published: Oct. 18, 2021 at 10:20 AM MDT

ATLANTA, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As weather gets cooler, mice and other rodents can start to make their way indoors seeking out warm shelter and food. This can cause damage to homes, and for that reason the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has declared October 17-23, 2021, as Rodent Awareness Week to promote greater awareness about the threat rodents pose to health and property.

Wire damage from rodents
Wire damage from rodents

Nearly one in five homeowners (17%) say if they were to see a rodent in their home their biggest concern would be the spread of disease. In addition to the spread of disease, Critter Control wildlife technicians are most concerned with frayed wires.

"According to NPMA, an estimated 21 million U.S. homes are invaded by rodents each year," says Joe Felegi, general manager at Critter Control. "Left unattended, rodents like rats and mice cause a great deal of damage such as chewed wires. Our wildlife technicians often find frayed wires while inspecting a home for rodent activity."

It is critical to be vigilant in preventing and eliminating rodent infestations to help prevent damage to  homes like frayed wires. Based on the most recent estimates, 20% to 25% of fires with unknown causes are attributed to rodent damage.

According to Todd Topham who spend 10 years in the Fire Service prior to becoming a franchise owner, "Occasionally, the origin and cause of a fire goes undetermined. My first thought in these cases is always critters. We do find frayed/chewed wires during inspections, and homeowners find it quite alarming."

To better understand the risks of rodent caused house damage, we surveyed our wildlife technicians.

  • Frayed wires were rated as the most dangerous according to surveyed wildlife technicians
  • 83% of surveyed Wildlife technicians saw frayed wires during a recent rodent infestation inspection

Two signs of a rodent infestation are feces or strange noises in wall cavities, attics, or basements. Because rodents breed at a rapid rate and can squeeze through tiny, professional rodent control is essential. The most common rodent species found in the U.S. are deer mice, house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats.

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