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State Legislature

Candidates drop out, state legislative ballot spots to be filled

New law alters how South Dakota landlords handle support animals

SD Legislature sets mental health study

Legislators return for veto day

Vetoed bills could be overridden by lawmakers next week

Initiative petition circulators face new rules

Protections law for eagle feathers, plumes at graduations signed

South Dakota lawmakers pass $4.7B state budget

South Dakota lawmakers to debate state budget

Single-subject rule for constitutional changes passes Senate

Bill to give SD lawmakers a raise headed to governor's desk

Billy Mills stops at South Dakota State Legislature

Governor Daugaard signs bill to strengthen South Dakota's sex offender registry

Committee named to review lawmaker conduct code never met

Daugaard talks Rushmore trail link with Interior Secretary

Senate committee discusses Marsy's law vote date

Marsy’s Law changes face possible public vote

Confidential settlement ban voted down by House committee

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