Women's Business Conference teaches the "Power of No"

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Three-hundred women from across South Dakota convened in Deadwood Friday for the sixth annual Women's Business Conference.

This year's keynote speaker was JJ DiGeronimo, the president of Purposeful Woman and Tech Savvy Women.
DiGeronimo spoke about how women sometimes make too many commitments and then can't devote enough time and effort to the most important tasks.
She offered ideas on how to assess your schedule and what to remove to be more successful.

Helen Merriman with the South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity, says, "How much really are we trying to cram into those 24 hours and what really is significant. How important is our family life, how important is our work life, how important is our social life and how important is our spiritual life? And I think what she's doing today is helping us really think about how do we manage all of those."

The South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity coordinates the conference each year.
Director Helen Merriman says a lot of the women who attended today are first timers.
She says she hopes the event continues to grow.