Warm weather equals perfect conditions for 36th annual Ski for Light

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Black Hills Ski for Light is in its 36th year of offering the blind and physically challenged a chance to get out on the slopes.
With the beautiful weather we've had, dozens of skiers were out at Terry Peak.

Tuesday's weather was perfect for some skiing at Terry Peak.
More than 100 participants traveled from across South Dakota and surrounding states to take part in the annual event.
Volunteers say over the last three and half decades, Ski for Light has really grown and changed.

Yager says, "Thirty years ago, there's been a lot of changes, back in the old poke sled days over at Deer Mountain and with the equipment now and the quality of the guides and training, it's come a long ways. I've gotten to know a lot of people at Ski for Light; it's really become a family. It's an event I look forward to every year."

Before heading out on the slopes and trails, the Ski for Light guides go through quite a bit of training.

Wilkie and Shultz say, "Besides a person that's controlling the tethers, you need another person to help lift the chairs and get them on chairlifts. I've been assigned a young man who is 29 that has been skiing for 3 years and he's on a snowmobile this morning on the other side of the mountain and we wear these headsets where we communicate with them and tell them how to turn, what the terrain is, what the conditions are."

With day time high temperatures sitting in the 50s and 60s Tuesday, participants at Ski for Light say it's a beautiful day to hit the slopes here at Terry Peak.

Uecker says, "I can't believe the weather, the last couple years we were out here it was cold beyond compare and windy. You come out here and yesterday they were having beach music on the radio so obviously they're getting us in the mood. The snow was good, you go down the hill, throw snow in the air, it's fun, you don't get all frozen. So if this is what spring skiing is, then I'm all about spring skiing because this is good."

This is Bob's third year at Ski for Light but for some of the other skiers, this is their first day.
Debbie Hamilton heard about Ski for Light Monday night and headed to Terry Peak Tuesday morning from Newcastle, Wyoming.

Hamilton says, "We just drove up and as soon as I came into the lodge I got hooked up with a helmet and goggles and they're going to take me for a ride."

The Ski for Light festivities will continue through Thursday of this week, giving these guys and girls plenty of runs down the slopes.