WWII veteran shares combat mission stories at SD Air & Space Museum

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A 95–year–old World War II veteran shared his story Saturday morning at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Maurice Crow was a B–17 Flight Engineer and a Top Turret Gunner in World War II.

Crow was born in Washington, but has called South Dakota home for nearly 70 years now, ending his military career at Ellsworth Air Force Base in the 40s.

He says he was in 30 combat missions during his time stationed in England, which he says he is thankful to have made it out of because many men he was stationed with did not.

Crow also overcame an injury, which made him a Purple Heart recipient.

Crow says, "We lost one man and two of us were wounded in the first mission we were together, so one thing led to another. I was in one of the major battles all the way through. And there was a number of them, we lost 60 planes in one mission."

Crow was drafted for the war in 1942 and served just shy of 4 years.

Crow says he is thankful for doctors, nurses and modern medicine that has allowed him to live well into his 90s to continue to share his combat stories.