Violent crimes trending up in Rapid City

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Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris says there are clear signs of an increase of violence in our community.

We're already tied for the most murders in 20 years and the year isn't over.

But other numbers are up as well.
For Aggravated Assaults: we're already at 94% of the 3 year annual average, and there are still have 3 months to go.
For Sexual Assaults we're already at about 93% of the average.
And, for Vehicle Thefts we're at 92% of average.
In all 3 crimes, we're on pace this year to be far above average.

Chief Jegeris says, "Unfortunately we have people out in the evening hours that have bats or knives or sometimes even guns and there, something needs to change. What we need is the community to come together and send a clear signal that this violent behavior will not be tolerated anymore."

The Chief says Police cannot do that alone, so they need the community to engage with them.
He says as a community we need to intervene.

On the positive side, Burglaries this year are pacing below average.