"Tough on Traffickers" campaign looks to curb human trafficking

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The issue of human trafficking has garnered attention nationwide and is one of the fastest growing human businesses going on today, yielding around $32 billion dollars yearly in profits.

That's why the Pennington County Sheriff's Office and Rapid City Police Department have joined forces with the West River Human Trafficking Task Force for their "Tough on Traffickers" campaign.
Captain Corey Brubakken with the Sheriff's Office says they have all collaborated together to get out in front of the issue before it has the opportunity to take root in our community.
He says their goal is to spread a number of messages.

Brubakken says, "One is to the traffickers and that message is pretty simple, we will not tolerate this in our community and you will be held accountable. We'd also like to send a message to our victims and that's simply put that we'll be here for them when they're ready to come forward, and a message to the community and that is you see something that you just don't feel is right, give us a call."

Hospitality providers throughout Pennington County, as well as deputies and police officers, have begun passing out fliers.
There have been a number of investigations that have already been conducted throughout the state which have uncovered dozens of victims of sex trafficking, most of the victims are from South Dakota.