The search for a new superintendent begins

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After Rapid City School District Superintendent Tim Mitchell announced that he's stepping down following the 2015–2016 school year, now the search is on to select a new superintendent.

Monday night, McPherson and Jacobson, L.L.C., an executive search firm hired by the Rapid City Area School Board of Education held the first of two community input meetings.
Consultant Don Hague says they are looking for input on the community, schools as well as what people are looking for in a superintendent.

Hague says, "It gives us a lot better sense of what the community is looking for, it helps the candidates, believe it or not, know a little more about the community, because normally this information is made available to candidates so they can see what are the good things about Rapid City, what do the people believe are the good things, good things about the school."

This is Mitchell's sixth year as superintendent, the new superintendent will hit the ground running on July 1st.
Hague says they hope to name the new superintendent in February and says the search is nationwide.