The Singing Chef brings Italy to Deadwood

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Deadwood got a taste of Italian tonight as part the second Forks, Corks and Kegs Food and Wine tasting event.

The Singing Chef hopes to inspire people not only with his Italian cooking from his family heritage but also with the atmosphere he creates.

LoRusso says, "That's the secret ingredient – the singing."

Andy LoRusso, known as The Singing Chef, is this year's celebrity chef at Deadwood's Forks, Corks and Kegs event.
He prepared three Italian dishes and two desserts that have family history.

LoRusso says, "The recipes themselves have been around for a number of different years. Over the years, I gleaned so many other recipes of course after the number of years I've been doing this as a singing chef all over the world. You know, I've found these recipes to be very home–body recipes, simple comfort food, especially the pasta dish itself and the bruschetta, but also the cheesecake, the ricotta cheesecake, and the cookies. People can relate to this no matter what ethnic group they come from."

However, LoRusso can't take all the credit for his cheesecake dessert.

LoRusso says, "Grandma use to make this around Easter, which just passed a little bit ago, but we make it just about any time we get the inspiration around my house. So this was one of her specialties that I just share with people from all over the world how to make this cake."

LoRusso has a recipe for every occasion, but says the trick is in the atmosphere.

LoRusso says, "Sing a song every time you cook with a light heart. Life is too short to have any problems, but when we do, just sing a song, cook some good food, get a bottle of wine if you like, get your family and friends over and just enjoy life because that's the most important thing."

He says, "I think that the people are going to take away not only the love and the joy that I've shared with my family, but hopefully they'll be able to sit down with their family, sing a little bit, cook a little bit and have a great time like we did here tonight at the Deadwood Grand."

Participants in the Forks, Corks and Kegs event are back at it tomorrow morning with a coffee tasting and seminar and events continue throughout the day.