The Darning Hearts celebrate new album

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The folky-bluegrass band, The Darning Hearts, consists of Dylan James and Natasha Lee -- a married couple from here in Rapid City.
Saturday night, they were joined by Andrew Jones, a New York musician.
Along with Jones, James and Lee share the same passion for music.

Natasha Lee says, "I've been booking bands around town for the last fifteen months or so and I'm really active in the music scene. It's been different being on the other side of it."
Dylan James says, "I've just had a passion for playing guitar since I picked it up when I was 16. I usually have trouble keeping my focus with things and with guitar, I could just not get enough of it."

Ryan Kickland, another local musician from here in the Black Hills, opened for the Darning Hearts Saturday evening.
You can check out The Darning Hearts' music and look for their future shows on