Spearfish hosts first Legislative Crackerbarrel

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Spearfish, (KEVN-TV) The topic of education made for discussion Saturday morning at the first of three Legislative Crackerbarrel meetings in Spearfish.

Although many topics were brought up, one reoccurring topic was education and wages.
The local community was invited to bring any questions or concerns to the open meeting, and one representative from today's Crackerbarrel said he was thrilled to see a great turnout with positive feedback.

Fred Romkema, Member of the South Dakota House of Representatives representing District 31 said, "I'm always pleased when people show up for these meetings. It's a beautiful day today and people didn't have to be here, they could have been doing some recreational things but I'm always pleased when people have taken interest in their political process and interact with their elected officials. We're unique in South Dakota in that, the accessibility people have to their elected officials, most of the people in the room know us mutually, we know them, they know us, so there are usually no surprises."

The next Legislative Crackerbarrel is scheduled for Saturday morning on February 21st at the Deadwood City Hall.