'South Dakotans Against Prohibition' trying to gather signatures for initiated ballot measure

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The group 'South Dakotans Against Prohibition' set up in front of the Pennington County Courthouse Wednesday in an effort to gather signatures for their initiated ballot measure.
The measure would decriminalize marijuana possession of 1 ounce or less.
One of the founders of the group says that the measure isn't supposed to let marijuana consumers off the hook, but rather put your tax dollars towards a better use.

Gaddy says, "It's actually gonna save the state over seven million dollars in a ten year time frame. Not locking up people over petty marijuana charges. A lot of other states around the country have adopted this policy of changing their methods of dealing with marijuana opting for a ticket of 100 dollars rather than wasting jail space that should be allotted for violent offenders."

To get the measure on the ballot the group needs 13,871 signatures. As of Wednesday morning they say the had 1200 with just two weeks of making the push.
In his explanation of the measure ... Attorney General Marty Jackley said "Adults possessing one ounce or less of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia are subject to a civil penalty ... and minors are required to complete a drug awareness program."
Marijuana remains illegal under federal law.
To learn more about their cause you can visit www.SDAP605.com.