Sculptor finishes year three of The Sculpture Project

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Another chapter of The Sculpture Project: the Passage of Wind and Water has come and gone.
Sculptor Masayuki Nagase finished year three of his five year project ... themed around the element of water and has completed 14 of the 21 granite art pieces.
Some of his local fans gathered to bid him adieu before he returns to his home in Berkley, California, but Yuki says Rapid City will always have a place in his heart.
Yuki Nagase says, "I felt quite grounded here. I feel at home. I got to know quite a few people here, and they come back and we can have conversation and that was really nice."
Yuki's newest pieces of work were recently unveiled to the public; an artistry incredibly unique and special to the Rapid City area.

Anna Huntington says, "His intention is to make this a tribute to the local community. Unlike so much of the public art in our area, it's meant to honor the people who live here not be a monument to somebody who is gone."

When he returns next June, Yuki will carve one of the 35 foot high spires and four other sculptures along Main Street.