School buses deemed as safest form of transportation

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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, school buses are the safest mode of transportation for getting children to and from school.

And the manager of transportation and school warehouse for the Rapid City Area School District, Dennis Berg agrees, saying buses are the safest form of transportation on the road.
Berg says school buses are designed to be safer than other vehicles in avoiding crashes and preventing injury.
He says Rapid City Area Schools has 63 buses, 23 of which are for special ed, which are the only buses to have seatbelts to help keep the children restrained.
The other 40 buses do not have seatbelts, but Berg says that shouldn't be a concern to parents.

Berg says, "I would say no. I'd put my grandchild into a school bus before I'd even transport him in my pick-up. It's just the design of the seats, just the safety factor in a school busy, they're designed for the safety of the children."

Berg says the biggest offense they see is drivers not obeying all the yellow or red flashing lights on buses.