Allen School Board files police report from Rush game racial incident

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The American Horse School Board has filed an official police report with the Rapid City Police Department concerning Saturday night's racial incident involving their students at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.
Not only did the school board file a report with the RCPD, but they've also filed a complaint with the Pennington County State's Attorney and are looking to get the attention of federal authorities to file the incident as a hate crime.
In Allen at last night's school board meeting parents, the American Horse School Board and Oglala Sioux Tribal officials were present to address the issue.
The incident involved racial slurs and pouring of beer on the students, ages 9 to 13, from men in one of the suites above the kids seats.
Wednesday afternoon the Oglala Sioux Tribe met with Rapid City officials in a closed door meeting to discuss the incident.

Parent Angie Sam says, "She's not safe in Rapid City, she cannot attend something and not have to encounter racism here."

Angie Sam is the parent of Robyn who is 13 years old.

Robyn was one of the 57 children who were harassed at Saturday night's Rapid City Rush hockey game.
Angie says it was a hard lesson for her daughter to learn.

Parent Angie Sam says, "They were targets of a hate crime because of their skin color, because they were from the Rez and they were told to go back to the Rez. Why do we have to explain that they're hated just because of their skin color? We as parents, we struggle with that, what do we tell them? You know, it's hard."

Angie spoke to us after their closed door meeting with Rapid City officials.
Saying this incident is a very difficult issue.

Angie says, "We as parents we cry for our kids because we protect them."

Rapid City Mayor Sam Kooiker says they have spent a lot of time on the issue and are taking the situation seriously.

Rapid City Mayor Sam Kooiker says, "This incident is gut wrenching for me and it's gut wrenching particularly because it involves young children and so there's a scarring that takes place and apologizing simply isn't enough, we need to have a full investigation of what took place."

And a full investigation is taking place.
Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris has assigned a team of detectives to the ongoing formal investigation which he says is a criminal act.

RC Police Chief Karl Jegeris says, "We have identified the person that I would classify as the, who caused the greatest degree of problem related to being racist and criminal behavior and we have identified possible other names that may have involvement."

Jegeris says they are collecting all the facts and looking at assault charges, as well as looking into the hate crime and child abuse statutes to ensure accountability from the criminal justice system.
But both Jegeris and the Mayor agree that now is the time for people to come together.

Jegeris says, "I'm thankful that the tribe reached out to the City of Rapid City to work towards a resolution on this issue because the issue of racism in Rapid City, I believe needs everybody to come to the table to work towards a resolution and this is the first significant sign that we've seen of a major government to government interaction."

Kooiker says, "There are many good people in Rapid City who are universally condemning what took place and we ask that we all stand together during this time and it's also very important that we not fight hate with hate."

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