'The Revenant' hits the big screen early in Lemmon, SD

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Lights, camera, action for one small, South Dakota town Wednesday night.

Hugh Glass Rendezvous officials say the history of Hugh Glass was untapped until last year —when they created an annual event bringing his intense story to the forefront.

Now Hollywood, has tapped into the local history too, sharing the story with the world.

Astrid Alexander says, "New York, L.A. and Lemmon, South Dakota."

Red carpets, cameras flashing, and excitement filling the air.

LaQuite Shockley says, "to say we're ecstatic would be an understatement."

Hundreds of people from all over the region came out to catch the advanced screening of "The Revenant" not far from where the story took place, based on the local legend Hugh Glass.

Shockley says, "Because everybody that has ever grown up and been raised here, we all grew up with the story of Hugh Glass. We know that as part of our local history. So it's also just wonderful to see some connection to the rest of the world that they know that we've got something to be proud of here."

Glass survived a vicious mauling by a grizzly bear near Lemmon back in the 1800s.

He crawled nearly 200–miles across the prairie– seeking revenge against the man who stripped him of his belongings, and left him for dead.

Outside the theater, a moment frozen in time by a local artist.

Sculptor John Lopez says, "Why I made the sculpture is so that people can have a visual when you think about Hugh Glass and you go and tell your friends, 'We went to Lemmon, South Dakota and we saw the sculpture. Have you heard about Hugh Glass?' And it just starts a conversation with people and it creates an excitement."

The excitement - and story - that will now be known world–wide thanks to 20th Century FOX.

Mike Odegaard says, "To have something like this happen in Lemmon however many years ago and then to have somebody make a movie out of it — especially with Leonardo DiCaprio as the star — pretty significant for this town."

A town whose history is now featured on the big screen.

Odegaard says, "It's going to be a wonderful movie – without a doubt."

The 'Revenant' is being released in theaters everywhere tomorrow night.

The Palace Theatre in Lemmon is showing the movie through the weekend.