Regional Hospitals set new record for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

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To say that Regional Health facilities had a busy Sturgis Rally would be an understatement.

Regional Health officials say they saw a record-breaking number of visits to their hospitals during the 75th Sturgis Rally with more than 1,100 visits to emergency rooms and Urgent Care facilities.

That number is up from the 618 patients they saw during the 2014 Rally.
Rapid City Regional Hospital President Mike Gibbs says for as many people who died outside of the hospital due to Rally-related incidents, just as many died inside a Regional facility.

Gibbs says, "If the Rally happened every week of the year, we'd be one of the busiest trauma centers in the United States comparable to places like New York, Cleveland, Chicago and Los Angeles. So we have to behave like we're in one of those big trauma centers for a couple of weeks."

Sturgis Regional Hospital saw the largest number of patients with 471, with Rapid City Regional taking in 299.
Gibbs says Regional facilities spent the last year prepping for the 75th Sturgis Rally because they knew it would be busy.