RCPD identify man killed in officer involved shooting

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The investigation continues after an officer involved shooting left one dead and a community mourning. The Rapid City Police Department has identified the man killed in the Lakota Homes Housing Development just after 6:00 pm Saturday evening.

Neighbor says, "Oh my God it was just unbelievable it was just pop, pop, pop, pop then a little pause then pop again."

A sound, a number of neighbors who would like to remain anonymous, say startled and scared them as well as their kids.
Saturday evening, Officer Anthony Meirose responded to an unwanted subject at 541 Paha Sapa Road. When he arrived on scene, the incident escalated.

Captain Dan Rud says, "He approached the house. While standing in the doorway, he was attacked by a male subject with a knife. The officer drew his weapon and shot the subject multiple times."

Emergency Medical Services were immediately called to the scene but it was too late. 30-year-old Allen Locke was pronounced dead at Rapid City Regional Hospital.

Neighbor says, "Any situation like that is just terrible incomprehensible with all the things going on with all these protests why'd it have to happen and it's just before Christmas so that family's got to really be hurtin'.

Captain Dan Rud says Officer Meirose possibly shot Locke up to five times during the incident. He says Locke is no stranger to the RCPD but would not elaborate on previous incidents.

Rud says, "Any time an event like this happens it affects everybody."

The fatality comes just a day after a peaceful protest on Police Brutality at Memorial Park on Friday, causing a social media frenzy of racial motive, but Captain Rud put that assumption to bed.

Rud says, "This officer is white the suspect is Native American but it's not a race deal this is based on criminal behavior and it have nothing to do with race. Had the race of the Police Officer be Native American and the suspect white the results would have been the same."

Police say initial reports show Locke may have been intoxicated during the incident. When asked why the officer didn't use a taser instead Rud says it was an alternative that wasn't possible.

Rud says, "From what we understand last night there was not time for that and it was not a viable option to use a taster or OC spray or whatever it was not a viable option for the officer at the time.

Now currently Officer Meirose is on protocol administrative leave as the investigation continues. As for the residents in the home where the incident occurred? Door knocks have gone unanswered.