RC man seeks help from public to walk again

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In just a matter of seconds, one Rapid City man's life was tragically altered. Christopher Brown went from a young man with hopes and goals, like any other, to now facing the idea of living his life strapped to a chair.

And now he needs your help.

Suzanne Brown says, "He was on the floor having a major seizure it was terrifying."

Suzanne Brown held back tears thinking back on that frightful morning last March. She heard a thud in her son's bedroom and walked in to find him shaking in a pool of blood.

Brown says, "I have no idea what happened. I don't know whether it was the antibiotic or whether he fell asleep in the chair."

Christopher was rushed to Rapid City Regional Hospital with broken teeth, a split lip, and was in severe pain.
A week later the news got worse, Christopher dislocated both of his hips during the fall an injury unfixable for a man suffering from Ehlers Danlos, a painful tissue disorder.

Christopher Brown says, "Have you ever broken a bone? If you did it will be 20 times worse than that because I can feel my hips twist and pull up and down."

Suzanne Brown says, "It's been a nightmare. The doctors have said it was so out of their scope of expertise."

After a trip to the Mayo Clinic, Christopher and his family are at a loss.
The only option doctors gave them was a procedure that would leave Christopher in a wheel chair, permanently.

Suzanne Brown says, "I'm totally at a loss. I don't know how to take care of my child anymore."

Christopher Brown says, "It makes me sad. I've been crying to myself to sleep a lot and it kills me to see my parents crying and be ticked off."

But this family hasn't let the past year break them, they are hopeful something can be done for Christopher with the help of others.

Brown says, "Our funds have ran out."

The family has set up a fundraising page in hopes of getting donations to afford a trip to another doctor who could hopefully be this young man's saving grace and get him to walk again.

Loren Pedersen says, "What may not be possible last year maybe be possible this year because there's a lot of scientist coming up with new solutions."

If you'd like to help Christopher walk again you can make a donation by logging on to www.YouCaring.com and search for Christopher Brown.