Popular holistic & spiritual expo comes to Rapid City

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Rapid City, (KEVN-TV) It's one of the most popular natural health and human potential expos in the world and it came to Rapid City Sunday.

Unlike many other holistic and spiritual expos, the Mind Body Spirit Expo featured guest speakers, lectures, and a wide–range of booths with everything from acupuncture to natural oils.
Physics and body workers also provided their services to attendees.
Coordinators of the expo hope to encourage those looking to change their current lifestyle for the better.

Daniella D'Amore, Event Coordinator of the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo said, "Hopefully that people visiting us here today may get inspired or educated or find some kind of information that can only contribute to creating a much more balanced and healthier life for them."

Coordinator say Sunday's expo was the first of its kind in Rapid City and hope to make the event an annual one.