One airman shares recent advising missions involving Afghan military

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Rapid City, (KEVN-TV) Western Dakota Tech hosted the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group meeting Saturday morning as dozens of vets gathered together to hear about one airman's works overseas.

Jim Blair of Ellsworth Air Force Base was the keynote speaker at Saturday's meeting, speaking on his recent advising missions involving Afghanistan's military.
As an Air Advisor to the Afghan National Air Force, Blair spent his time teaching them technical orders and how to maintain and repair their aircraft.
He says it's work that many in the community don't know about.

Jim Blair, Keynote Speaker said, "It gave them some insight. It gave them what was happening, what my part was when I was in Afghanistan and how the people were. Too many times we see the negative in people and I was hoping to give a very positive outlook, especially to this group because I'm sure that they have seen the same thing, through their life as well."

The Black Hills Veterans Writing Group hosts meetings every month to listen to and share their military memories and stories.