Officer at East Middle School Shaves for a Good Cause

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Rapid City, SD A faculty member at Rapid City's East Middle School agreed to let students change his appearance if they raised enough money for a local charity.

School resource officer Jessie Fagerland was told earlier in the school year that his mustache was a bit creepy.

The students took it upon themselves to write the sheriff and petition that Fagerland be allowed to grow a beard on the condition it would be gone at the end of the school year.

The Student Council then decided to turn the beard into a fundraising tool.

If they raised enough money at the end of the year, student council members got to shave the beard themselves.

Deputy Fagerland agreed and said if they doubled the money he would let them shave his head too.

He said it didn't take much convincing to agree to the deal.

Fagerland says, "It was part of the sheriff's stipulation that it had to come off at the end of the school year anyway, but you know it was it was fun to incorporate a fundraiser, and Love Inc. is such a great organization and to be able to raise money for such a great local organization like that, it was a nice deal."

They raised more than $500 to support a new program at Love Inc. that will provide job training to young people.