Morning crash leads to natural gas leak

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An accident Thursday morning kept both Rapid City Police and Montana Dakota Utilities workers busy for a while.

It happened a little before 8:30 am.
Police say this vehicle was heading west on MacArthur when it hit a parked car, went through a couple of fences, a pair of large postal boxes, a retaining wall, hit an air compressor and a gas meter on a house.
That led to a strong natural gas leak.

Rapid City Fire Dept. Lt. Jim Bussell says, "These incidents are difficult because it is a true hazardous materials incident. So you, you've got the release of a flammable gas in the atmosphere. The good news is the break is outside of the residence as it's not filling the residence with natural gas."

Police say they found a can of dust-off in the car.
They say they arrested 20-year old Sonny Never Misses A Shot of Rapid City for DUI, no driver's license and not wearing a seat belt.