Mickelson Trail Marathon hits 14 years in Deadwood

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This year the Deadwood Mickelson Trail saw the most runners they have ever seen; over 3,000 people, bringing people out locally from South Dakota and as far out internationally as New Zealand

It's a marathon known for its beauty.

Emily Wheeler, Race director says, "The Black Hills are beautiful. The Mickelson Trail...it's a draw in itself."

This year that appeal lured in people from 44 states...even bringing people from different spots around the world.

Chris Davis says, "It's a beautiful course, you get to see some water, cross some bridges, lot of trees, and the crowd supports you along the way."

Over half of their participants, including Chris Davis, were from the Mount Rushmore state.

Chris Davis, says, "It's one of our favorite local races. You know, lots of fun people. Emily and the rest of the group do a wonderful job of coordinating it."

As runners completed the half marathon and the full marathon running through the finish line; crowds cheered to show their support.
Finally after 2 hours and 47 minutes, the full marathon winners, brothers Drew and Mitch Kraft came dashing across the finish line.

Drew Kraft says, "My brother and I were just going to run together as long as we could. We said at 20 miles we're not going to wait for each other...we just gotta finish it if we feel good."

Both brothers ran collegiately for different universities, but when it comes to marathons, they run together.

Kraft says, "Just being able to run, being with my brother...just enjoying that camaraderie. You know we don't see each other that often. So an excuse to run 3 hours with him is pretty special."

Drew says that while he loved running with family and enjoying the gorgeous day in the Hills, his favorite moment was this one.

Kraft says, "Seeing the finish line was awesome. By that time, I was like these miles are getting longer I swear."

Drew also said he and his brother wanted to run this marathon while they are still in shape.
The next marathon put on by Wheeler Event Management will be Run Crazy Horse in October.