Meade County commissioner responds to criticism for Facebook post

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A Meade County commissioner is getting criticized for a post on his Facebook page following the Supreme Court ruling Friday that made gay marriage legal across the country.

Alan Aker, the chairman of the Meade County Commission, posted on Facebook on Friday morning his opposition to the ruling, writing, "You haven't gained marriage 'equality,' I predict you have ended marriage as a civil institution," among other things.

Nancy Rosenbrahn, who was among the people challenging South Dakota's ban on gay marriage, said, "I am saddened that he used his elected position to deliver that message. I firmly believe in the separation of church and state and that is still a rule we need to live by. And he had the right to his opinion but, to me, he used the wrong vehicle for it. If he had done it as a personal issue, fine, he has the right to say that."

There is a petition circulating on asking for Aker to be removed from the county commission.

Aker tells Black Hills FOX he stands by the comments he made on his Facebook page and is amused by the petition, saying he has nothing else to add to the situation.

At last check, the online petition had 390 signatures.