Marty Jackley comments on future of SD after same-sex marriage ruling

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It was just days ago the news was flooded with the topic of widespread same-sex marriage legalization.
Before the Supreme Court deemed the banning of same-sex marriage as unconstitutional...South Dakota upheld a ban stating that marriage was defined as between a man and a woman ... but when the news was released, South Dakota listened.

S.D. Attorney General Marty Jackley says, "Obviously we're a nation of laws and we've been respecting the Supreme Court's ruling and doing everything we can to go through with the court's order."

Jackley says that in the future this new legislation won't affect anyone's personal religious ideologies.

Jackley says, "We will make sure this doesn't impact an elected official's freedom of religion or force our churches or pastors into doing things they're not comfortable doing."

Across the country, LGBTQ communities are more abundant, but here in South Dakota, Jackley says it won't affect our community as a whole as much as others.

Jackley says, "It hasn't been what other places in the nation have experienced. I've all along said that really what this decision will impact more is not the issue of same sex marriage licenses but the recognition from other states."

He goes on to say that the fact that South Dakota alone is already complying with the law speaks for our state.

Jackley says, "As a state we'll find a way to make sure we issue whatever licenses are appropriately requested and we recognize licenses from other states. The governor has already indicated that we will be providing healthcare to same-sex couples and will certainly affect some levels of adoptions, but again it will not affect freedom of religion and I don't see it having an overwhelming impact on South Dakota."

Regardless of any opinion, this ruling is one that will go down in history and be remembered for decades to come.