Man using wheelchair benefits from Ski for Light's annual fundraiser

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Rapid City, (KEVN-TV) The slopes will soon be covered in snow in the Black Hills area, giving snowboarders and skiers the perfect opportunity to test out their new gear.

Hundreds of winter sporting gear was up for grabs Saturday.
It was all part of Black Hills 'Ski for Light's' biggest annual fundraiser, the ski swap.

Vern Shafer, Board President of Black Hills Ski for Light said, "People bring in all of this stuff. They've been bringing it in for a couple of days. We sell it for them and then we hold back 30% of the funds and give them 70% of the funds."

For 37–years now, Black Hills Ski for Light has hosted a 5–day event, helping those who say they 'can't' ski, get down the hill.

Shafer said, "Our whole mission is to provide really fun and vigorous activities for people less fortunate than us, with visual impairments and physical disabilities."

No matter your challenge, Ski for Light welcomes you.
Bradley Morgan, a Rapid City native, is a prime example.

Bradley Morgan, Black Hills Ski for Light Participant said, "I was injured in a car crash in 1988 and in 1989, I'm attending my first Ski for Light."

Morgan is bound to his wheelchair after he was sitting shotgun when the vehicle he was in rolled.
He had always been a skier, and wasn't going to let any injury stop him.
Black Hills Ski for Light not only taught, but provided him with a way to make it down the slopes.

Morgan said, "A plastic bucket or a carbon fiber bucket that you strap into real tight, just like you would strap into your boot, and then it's got a shock absorber underneath it that does what your knees would do, and then I step into a regular ski, just like you would use."

Morgan doesn't only tear up the trails.
Morgan said, "I work in the ski school at Terry Peak and I just go skiing whenever I want to."

Now all he has left to say is.

Morgan said, "Oh let it snow, please let it snow, we just want some snow."