Local man makes big decision to run for President

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Rapid City, (KEVN-TV) Not only is a local man making his run for the White House, but the author of a new book called the Cant–idates, is taking his story to print.

Josh Usera, a 35–year–old Rapid City native, has announced his candidacy for President of the United States.
He has filed his paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission.
He says his goal is to ensure that everyone in this country is being cared for.

Josh Usera, Presidential Candidate "The cool thing about my last name is that you can make it sound like the US–era, so all of the sudden I'm thinking about everyone, all humans on planet Earth, they're part of the US–era."

Usera is an alumnus of Black Hills State University where he graduated with a degree in physical education and another in exercise science.
He then opened his own mixed martial arts studio– consuming most of his time over the last 15 years.
However, his life took a turn following his arrest for his 3rd DUI which leaves him on felony probation.

Usera said, "Any person at any level within the country can go from the bottom to the top and vise versa."

Usera believes that being relatable to the public is his key to winning the election, even though not everyone is all that supportive.

Usera said, "I've seen both sides of the story, you know what I mean, the people closest to me, my family, and it's not that they don't believe in me, but they do think I'm crazy, a little bit a little bit."

Craig Tomashoff is the author of an upcoming book called 'The Cant–idates.'
It's a book dedicated to the declared candidates for the 2016 presidential election, that can't get the following or attention they would like.

"It's the one chance to find real people who are running for president, if you want an alternative, and you really want it, you don't want to just say you want somebody different, look at the Cant–idates and see what you can find."

Over 200 people have submitted their statement of candidacy to the Federal Election Commission and only a selected few will be featured in the new book.
Here's why.

Tomashoff said, "There are people who call me repeatedly wanting to be apart of the project but that's not passion, passion is somebody who can keep me on the phone for an hour like he did, telling me all the reasons why they want to run and all of the things that they want to do."

However, while every candidate's goals for presidency may be different, there may be one thing they all have in common.

Tomashoff said, "I would say, the 14–15 people I've talked to as I travel around the country, the one thing that everybody has in common is a personal motivation for doing this. Some of them are maybe a little crazier than others but nobody is as crazy as we think they are, there's something that happened in their lives, that made them go, you know what would help me, and help others, run for president."

Tomashoff says when election time rolls around and people either do not like the so called 'front runners,' to take a look at his book, and check out the candidates who are just like you.