Local high school students take part in 2015 First Robotics Competition

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Some local high school students have been in a rush to recycle, all in the name of robotics.

They're taking part in the 2015 First Robotics Competition.
They were presented with a challenge and given only six weeks to design and build a robot, from scratch, that can accomplish the task.

Duncan says, "Our robot's task this year is to move around an arena and to pick up recycle bins and stack recycle bins in a specific order, and we will work with other robots collaboratively to stack our recycle bins to get various numbers of points."

While some students have participated on the team for years, teach coach Lance Wright says his favorite part of this robotics challenge is that no experience is necessary.

Wright says, "Typically every year we have kids who have never operated a hand drill. They don't know how to program. And that's the whole point of the team is to teach them how to do it."

Tuesday was Stop Build Day, the last day to work on the robot until they go to Denver to compete against teams from around the world.
The kids had until midnight to work and then had to seal their creation in a bag where it stays until the competition in late March.
Advisor Eric Remboldt says they finished just in the nick of time, at 11:58 p.m.