Local Girl Scouts give back during annual community service day

About 130 local Girl Scouts along with their families helped Storybook Island prepare for their opening next weekend as part of an annual community service project.
The 9th annual 'Pretty in the Park' event involved planting flowers, cleaning up the park, and making wind chimes to be placed around the trees.
While the Girl Scouts are well known for selling cookies, giving back to the community is also a huge part of the work the girls do.
Danielle Hupp says, "What I think it means is, it's building girls to be leaders in the community, and show that guys aren't the only people that can do stuff, we can do stuff too, we're not just helpless, we're not just second class, we are strong, we are powerful, we can do anything we set our minds too."
Hupp planted a tree last year to replace a tree that was lost during Winter Storm Atlas, and Sunday she was recognized with the Silver Girl Scout award as part of that project.