Judge rules in favor of Sturgis in case against Buffalo Chip

It's been a little over a year since a unanimous 43-0 vote established the Buffalo Chip as its own town. Not everyone was pleased with the move, including the City of Sturgis, which went to court to challenge the Meade County Commission's decision to grant the Buffalo Chip permission to file as a municipality.

Fourth Circuit Court Judge Jerome Eckrich has now ruled in favor of the city in that case, saying the procedures the County Commission followed violated state statute.

In a release, the city says the ruling nullifies the Buffalo Chip's status as a municipality.

But Buffalo Chip attorney Kent Hagg says we're still a ways away from that point. Hagg says they plan to appeal the decision and says they believe the Buffalo Chip becoming a city is based on sound law.

He says he believes their status as a city has been and will be recognized by the State of South Dakota.