Is Rainbow Gathering coming to the Black Hills?

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Some people call them 21st century hippies.
But whatever name you decide to give them, it looks like they're coming to the Black Hills.

It's called the Rainbow Gathering, the participants, the Rainbow Family of Light.
They gather in a national forest somewhere every year.
The group's website says this year's event will be in one of eight states including South Dakota.
Friday, Black Hills National Forest spokesman Scott Jacobsen says they believe there's a 95–percent chance they're coming to the Black Hills National Forest this year.
He says a National Incident Management Team arrived from Washington last night meet with forest officials, law enforcement and others to get ready.

Jacobsen says the gatherings have been attracting about 8,000 people in recent years.
This year's event is scheduled from July 1st through the 7th.
Jacobsen says the Forest Service's main concerns are that the gathering is peaceful and organized and that there is resource protection and fire prevention.

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