Hypothermia a danger even in the summer

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This weekend, we reported the body of an Illinois man has been recovered by searchers. 23-year-old Jordan Baznik had been missing for more than a week in the Black Elk Wilderness Area, and his preliminary cause of death is believed to be hypothermia.

Though they're not an agency involved in the ongoing investigation into Baznik's death, the Rapid City Fire Department says hypothermia can still be a risk during this time of year. In the time Baznik was missing, the Central Hills saw a significant amount of rainfall.

Lt. Oliver White of the RCFD says, "We usually think of it as something that happens very quickly. But in some cases, especially in the summer months, it's kind of a slow process when you have a long exposure to lower temperatures, especially in combination with things like dehydration and malnourishment."

The Rapid City Fire Department says it's always good practice for hikers to bring adequate clothing for the weather, and never hike alone.