Group speaks out against Rainbow Gathering

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Another Native American group is speaking out against the Rainbow Gathering that looks like it's coming to the Black Hills National Forest.

Tuesday, a representative of the Strongheart Warrior Society, which describe themselves as part of the Sioux traditional government which does not recognize the elected tribal government, served a notice of complaint with a representative of the Rainbow Family.
Canupa Gluha Mani says the Rainbows did not follow protocol by getting permission from the treaty council to come into the Black Hills.

Canupa Gluha Mani says, "They did not take this understanding and meet with the elected treaty people, this is a great violation of article one's Bad Man Clause of 1868's Fort Laramie Treaty, which is article one."

Badger says, "Some of the natives like us and some of them don't, that kind of thing, but we always invited all of them to gatherings, it's an open invitation, it just didn't say outright we invite them, we figure they live here, they're invited."

Oglala Sioux Tribal public relations director Kevin Yellow Bird Steele says representatives of the Rainbow Family met with tribal president John Yellow Bird Steele in Pine Ridge a couple of weeks ago.
He says President Steele and the tribes have no problems with the Rainbow Gathering in the Black Hills.
The U.S. Forest Service said they're hoping for a peaceful gathering.