Fruhlingsfest draws crowds at Main Street Square

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The spring beer tasting event was created three years ago following the unforgettable Storm Atlas.

Elizabeth Smith says, "The good news was we thought, you know for beer enthusiasts, we had to cancel our fall beer tasting, which is Bierborse. We thought we'd offer our beer enthusiasts a spring taste."
And so began Fruhlingsfest -- German for spring festival -- serving as a mini metropolis for families, vendors, and beer fanatics to check out what's 'on tap.'
Elizabeth Smith says, "We hope that they get an appreciation for what's available in the Black Hills and the Black Hills region."
Jewelry, decor, and beer galore -- just some of the things people got to experience while attending this year's event.
The beer garden features over 30 beers from around our region, including a local selection, Sick and Twisted Brewery, out of Hill City, who just want to brew up a good time.

Rob Livingston says, "We have pride and we really try to make the best craft beer we possibly can. We have a drive and a team of guys who just want to make the best beer possible."
Sick and Twisted has been around since 2012 -- and they've attended Fruhlingsfest since it began -- watching the event grow as the years go by.
Rob Livingston says, "The whole craft beer market itself has just really taken off and everybody wants to drink local."
The square was filled to the brim with happy attendees -- 'hopping' from tent to tent to enjoy local tastes and check out the vendors.

Zach Van Sambeek says, "It's just great that we have these kind of events in Rapid City. It's just such a great experience that the town has these things that makes everyone become more of a community and has a great time together."