Former local reporter gives glimpse into every week of pregnancy with new book

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It's a book that gives you a never before seen glimpse into every week of pregnancy and it just so happens that it's written by a former Black Hills FOX employee.

Carey Wickersham started at Black Hills FOX News in 1990, but now works for the FOX affiliate in Kansas City, her hometown.
Carey just recently released a book called "The Wonder Within You", a project she worked on for more than a decade.
It all started when Carey was pregnant with twin girls, but unfortunately they were stillborn, but Carey was able to get pregnant shortly after.

Author Carey Wickersham says, "That second pregnancy I ended up having a perfectly healthy baby, but it was fraught with fear and as a journalist, I did a lot of research on babies, what I could do better, how I could have a healthier pregnancy, even though it wasn't my fault, I think you always feel like that as a mother, it's such a difficult thing to lose a child and in the process of researching all of that information I just started feeling that other mothers needed to know the same thing."

"The Wonder Within You" is a week by week guide to pregnancy featuring HD photographs of a prenatal baby's weekly growth.

Carey Wickersham says, "We call this the most high tech pregnancy book in the history of the world because it's 40 weeks of your pregnancy. There's an image from GE's most high tech ultrasound equipment from the baby at every week at gestation and next to that are QR Codes where if you scan them, or put them into your computer browser, you're going to see videos at every week of gestation, it really makes moms feel like they are having an ultrasound every week of their pregnancy on the best equipment in the world."

And Carey says seeing is believing.

Carey Wickersham says, "When you get to see the pictures of the baby in action, smiling, yawning, frowning, crying, sucking their thumb, it really speaks to a mom's heart, it educates her and it empowers her to make good decisions about her pregnancy and her baby."

Carey says she just wants mommies to be to take a moment and marvel at the incredible gift of life.

Carey Wickersham says, "I have two healthy children now and I guess my message personally to me and to other women who have had pregnancy loss is that God can turn your tragedies into triumph and these babies are just living proof of that."

You can purchase Carey's book "The Wonder Within You" at most bookstores and online.