First legislative crackerbarrel got underway in Sturgis

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Sturgis, (KEVN-TV) Over in the Northern Hills, the first of their two legislative crackerbarrel meetings got underway Saturday morning in Sturgis as well.

The crackerbarrels offer an opportunity for area legislators to not only inform the public on pending legislation, but to also listen to community members about what issues are important to them.
At Saturday morning's meeting, South Dakota Representative Tom Brunner said people of the community were focused mainly on financial concerns.

State Representative, Tom Brunner said, "Well it's always good to have these crackerbarrels and a good turnout; certainly the Sturgis people are always engaged. I think one of the biggest concerns we hear is a lot of financial concerns, both Medicaid expansion, the new road taxes proposed by the governor and others and you know, we are a frugal state, we're faced with the responsibilities of divvying up a small amount of money and not without raising taxes and so it's the never ending challenge."

Senator Gary Cammack (KUH–MACK) and Representative Dean Wink were also in attendance Saturday.
The three legislators are anticipated to attend the second legislative crackerbarrel scheduled for February 7th.