Filmmaker talks about using sound to preserve history

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It was a presentation that explored the role of sound in the creation of a specific region's sensory heritage.

Journey Museum visitors gathered Sunday afternoon for this month's Learning Forum entitled... "Sounding Western... Listening Critically to Aural Heritage in Black Hills Tourism."
The presentation explores how and why sound is used to produce national heritage in a popular, yet contested, tourist region.
Scholar and filmmaker Jen Heuson says her studies should help others begin to understand how we become who we are through sound.

Jen Heuson, Scholar and Filmmaker said, "I really hope that they begin to think about the significance of how we pass along our past through sound, but not just sound, and sound is a way to begin to provoke people to begin to think about how we pass along who we are in unspoken ways."

If you missed Sunday’s Learning Forum you can find more information about 'Sounding Western' at Small Gauge dot org.