Film producer helping kids over the holidays

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And on the 12th Day of Christmas, hungry kid's bellies are being blessed with pizza.

A piping hot concept, deliciously discovered over a talk with a teacher.

Sean Covel says, "And I asked her the question, 'Are your kids happy and excited to get out for Christmas?' And she said about half of them were, which I thought was weird. And she said half of her class relies on the breakfast and lunch programs and also the Backpack Program on weekends for consistent meals.

When what to his wondering eyes did appear: but an idea to help holiday hunger—–disappear.

So the Christmas break is a long time to not really know where your meals are going to come from."

12 Days of Pizza –tasty and good, —for families who don't have as much food as they should.

Covel says, "I had an idea and a fun thing to say – the 12 Days of Pizza – but without people getting together, those things can't happen."

12 pizzas a day for 12 days over Christmas break– seasoned in the true spirit of the holidays–and easy to bake.
The saucy slices provided by Black Hills Community Bank, the 1880 Train and Pizza Ranch.

Pizza Ranch Owner Steve Cronin says, "Just our way of giving back to the community.
Our vision for Pizza Ranch is to glorify God by positively impacting the world we live in. And this is just one way for us to fulfill our vision."

The sponsor's served the families coupons to redeem for a pizza or fried chicken at either Pizza Ranch location in Rapid City.

Cronin says, "There's 12 families out there that are going to get this opportunity to have a warm meal this Christmas season and throughout until they go back to school."

An idea they hope will spread like the Christmas spirit.

Covel says, "My hope is the 12 Days of Pizza catches on here and then it goes to Sturgis, then to Spearfish and keeps on going. Because there will never be a time there isn't a need."

And as a special topping on their holiday treat, the coupon also includes Covel's movie 'The 12 Dogs of Christmas.'

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