Film features producer with Rapid City roots

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This year's Black Hills Film Festival is in full swing, with a full slate of movies Thursday at the Journey Museum.
One of the movies playing Friday in Hill Cityfeatures a producer who was raised right here in Rapid City.

The film is called Misfortune and the producer is Roger Steilen, who grew up in Rapid City and graduated from the old Rapid City High School.
The story revolves around a young man who finds out that his father's killer has been released on parole.
For Steilen, this film has been a great adventure.

Roger Steilen says, "One thing led to another and I was location scouting, providing vehicles and location catering and pretty much everything we needed to support a film. And the next thing you know, I'm producing. It's not my first time doing that, but didn't expect it to happen on this show, but just kind of fell into that spot. it worked out really well. Had a great crew."

Director/actor Desmond Devenish says, "Scott and I headed down to Arizona, to Tucson and we met with Roger. And Roger was amazing. He showed us the ropes, took us to every place and knew a lot of the local community too. So it was really easier to shoot there."

If you want to see Misfortune, you can catch it Friday night at 7:00 in the Hill City High School Theater.
The Black Hills Film Festival runs through Saturday.