Education issues hot topic at Legislative Crackerbarrel

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The first Legislative Crackerbarrel for 2015 took place this morning at the South Dakota School of Mines.

The local community was invited to bring any questions or concerns to the open meeting.

Although many topics were brought up, one reoccurring topic was educational spending and salaries.

Featured speaker Representative Jacqueline Sly spoke briefly on the topic and says education affects everyone.

Sly says, "I think we have real inequities in our funding formula that's just gotten to be a bigger and bigger spread. We have some school districts that have more money than what they need, so they're putting it away instead of putting it into students and teachers, and then we have some school districts, especially large school districts, they're struggling because they have not received that additional funding or small school factor that was put in place 20 years ago."

Sly says she has a responsibility as Chair of House of Education Committee to look at that formula.

Other issues discussed were transportation funding, alcohol taxing and minimum wage, among other topics.

The next Legislative Crackerbarrel is scheduled for January 31st, February 21st and March 7.

All are open and free to the community.